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  • Sex escapades of sexy wife Story

    Hello everybody I am Yogita, I am back with another real life experience not mine but one of my friend. Names changed as per her request. Now here onwards please read the story in her own words.
    Hi guys, I am Amruta 28 years working wife with loving husband and no children, I got married 2 years back. I am fitness freak and maintained myself with fig of 34-26-34 with fair skin, my height is 5’4”. I am working in company where we have to work in 24*7 shifts. I am sharing my experience with cab driver of my company. We have company transport facility so every day I travel with cab, once I had night shift for two months that time only one driver used to pick n drop me his name was Javed, he was around 40 years in age not so good looking with little pot belly but had good beard. I never had any interest in him, we regularly used to talk on normal things while traveling as for this shift I used to be alone in cab. While our talks I told him that I am thinking of joining driving class, as I don’t know how to drive car. So he asked me “If I don’t mind he can teach me how to drive” I said how it is possible as I am having night n you also work at night. He said we are alone while going home (my shift time is 6 pm to 3 am) so that time there is no traffic also so he can teach me that time and will not take any fees. I was bit skeptical about his proposal but later thought that if I am getting free tuition why I should deny it n I finally agreed to his proposal. That time I wasn’t knowing this is going to change my relation with him.
    Next day after office hours our class started, on the way as we went to long deserted road we switched the seat, I went to driver seat and he sat next seat in front. I tried to drive but as I was very scared to drive so I did it all wrong n we missed an accident, that makes me more scared of driving so I somehow stopped the car but immediately got down, he comforted me saying that this is normal no need to worry I will learn but as I was scared he dropped me home.
    Next day after office he suggested me that there is open ground on our way where we can go and begin the class as on ground we have nothing to fear of accident, as my office is outskirt of city the ground was totally out of city and time being 3.00 am there was no possibility of someone being there for at least 4 hours. We drove there, as the ground was just a big open space there was pitch dark and no sign of anything in sight. As we went there, we switched the seats, now he started instructing me but still I was getting confused a lot, once I presses accelerator instead of brake, somehow I stopped the car but got scared like shit n started crying that I will never be able to learn driving. He put his hand on my back n hold one hand with his hand. I got bit relaxed with his touch, then he suggested that
    J: If you don’t mind I have suggestion.
    A: What?
    J: Let me sit behind you so that in case you have any problem I can control the car
    A: How can we sit on same seat?
    J: Don’t worry madam, you can trust me I won’t do anything wrong.
    A: I trust you but it will be uncomfortable for both of us and what if someone comes n see us.
    J: madam no one come to this ground till 10 am in morning so don’t worry and its just matter of few minutes. Once you get confidence you can drive alone I will just instruct you from side seat.
    After thinking I agreed, that day I was wearing kurti and leggings. Then he came n sat on seat then asked me to come inside, he spread his legs to give me space to sit. Car seat being not big enough to accompany two people, I had very narrow space to sit, somehow I sat between his legs but his belly was touching my back, it was like he was hugging me from behind but Javed was not doing any undue advances. He started the car n instructed me drive. Our thighs and hands were like one on other, I somehow drove for some time and was happy with my progress. Also I was bit aroused with being so closely sitting with other man than my husband. This continued for two days, I got used to his touches now, he used to put his hands on my waist, shoulders, but I never objected as he was touching me professionally. But it started making wrong effect on me I started getting aroused with his touches as my hubby was recently busy with his work and haven’t fucked me well in last almost 4 months. I was thinking that he will make some advances to fuck me but alas he wasn’t doing anything, he was behaving way too professionally. But here I was getting desperate and frustration start building in me. Next day I decided to get little bolder, so I wore sleeveless salwar suit with duppatta which has deep neck in front and back, it revealed lot of cleavage n back, as it was winter days I used to wear jacket on it so nobody in my office would think otherwise for me. Once the office was done, we moved to the ground and I removed my duppatta and jacket in order to seduce him, I wanted him to take a lead. So went n sat in front of him, within minutes I found his hard cock poking me from behind, I was more than happy so started driving. His beard touch on my bare back was making me mad and his head was on my shoulder so he could see massive valley of my boobs but today he kept his hands away from me n this make me little more frustrated. I moved back to touch my back to his belly n chest then I felt he too was aroused n he put hands on my thighs n brushed his chin with my bare shoulder, I was happy with this movements. He moved hands on my thighs waist even kissed lightly on my back making my pussy wet, but suddenly his phone rang n someone asked him to come immediately. I was pissed off for this, as I thought I will get good nice fuck but all in vain. Next day after office I went for cab but didn’t found Javed, there was different cab today with security guard. So I tried calling him but his phone was off. I was surprised with the events, next day I called him in afternoon.
    J: Hello
    A: Hello Javed ji where have you been, why didn’t you come yesterday?
    J: Sorry madam, actually I was on leave yesterday.
    A: What happened? Is everything all right?
    J: Yes. But I am requesting for shift change in office.
    A: Why? N what about our classes.
    J: Better you join driving school, I won’t be able to teach you.
    A: But what happened? You only promised me to teach now everything was going good, why the hell you suddenly changing shift? (I was angry more as I wanted his cock n this bastard was teasing me)
    J: Madam to be honest, yesterday you wore such sexy clothes, your sexy back was in front of me. This is too difficult for me to control, something bad may happen.
    A: Oh nothing will happen, I didn’t say anything to you then why are you worried. I want only you to pick me up from office tomorrow.
    J: No madam you don’t know how difficult it is for me to control myself, I don’t want that to happen
    (Now this bugger wants me to beg for his cock, I was angry but aroused same time as I like dominant men who make woman beg for fucking)
    A: No. You will come to pick me, I want to learn driving from you. So tomorrow don’t give any excuse.
    J: Ok madam will try. (He said n disconnected the call)
    Next day I was wearing tight jeans and sleeveless shirt and jacket on it, but before boarding cab n removed the jacket n kept in my bag and opened one button and sat in back seat. As we went to ground he got down n ask me to sit, he said he will teach me from another seat.
    A: No. let’s continue our regular way, I am not fully confident to control car.
    J: No madam, you don’t understand. I am unable to control myself looking at your sexy body, I will do something wrong.
    A: then do it, I don’t care.
    J: Ok fine.
    I sat with him on driver seat, as usual he put hands on my waist, today he can see my cleavage through the open button, and I had my hairs tied in pony so my entire neck was visible. He said today let’s get a step ahead, I said what do you mean? He said will instruct me without talking, I was amazed n asked how? He said when I have to turn left he will put his hand on my left hand and for right he will move hand on my right hand. If he put my right thigh I have to accelerate, if he touches my left thigh I have change gear and when he touch my belly I have to apply brake. I find it too interesting n I was instantly turned on with his suggestion. I immediately agreed, he too was now confident that I am in game now. So he put hands on my waist n then slowly he was moving hands on my bare hands and thighs, we both were enjoying I could feel his erection on my ass. Suddenly he put hand in forward n touch my belly I apply brake n we stopped. I asked him why do you asked me to stop.
    J: madam your skin is very soft so I got lost n so touched your belly
    A: you naughty. (I said this with seductive smile)
    J: I know madam.
    A: I can understand javed don’t worry.
    J: So should we go home?
    A: It’s just 4.00 I think lets practice more for some time and then we can go,
    J: Ok madam
    He got hint that I am also enjoying. So he pulled me even closer to him n said madam lets drive bit faster. But there is one problem, I asked what? He said how can I ask to horn? I thought a bit n said touch my neck for it, but he said it is uncomfortable for him to move hand so much. Then with naughty smile I asked him to kiss my neck. He was more than happy to listen this, we started again n he put hand on my right thigh to accelerate n pressed it gently. I let small moan, he understood I too want the same, now he kissed me on neck n I horn the car. This encouraged him n he started giving me kiss more times. I too was enjoying this game, he suddenly moved his left hand in my shirt n put on my naked waist n started moving on it. Now both of us were aware that what we were doing but still we were acting like we are driving. He cock was poking my ass from behind, his beard on my bare neck making me ticklish, in some time he said lets add more concentration to your drive, I said what plan you have? He said he will do anything to me but I must concentrate on driving without reacting.

    I found this very interesting so I readily agreed. So he was like ready for this so he immediately pulled me on him n asked me to drive. I started driving n he pinched my waist n kissed my neck, I moaned a little, he immediately responded that concentrate on driving, which I obeyed. Seeing positive response from me he became bolder n licked my neck n was playing with my soft belly. Now things were getting out of control from me n was getting bolder n bolder, he got hold of my bra covered boobs n started pressing them, this was too much for me I stopped the car he got bit scared but without saying him something I let out a moan. This was green signal for him n he continued his job, I put my hands on his hands n helped him to press my boobs harder. But he stopped all activities, I was frustrated n asked.
    A: What happened please continue.
    J: But madam. I can’t do it with you, as I don’t do this to anyone else then my wife and girlfriend.
    A: then think me as your gf.
    J: No I can’t
    A: Why not?
    J: Because my gf always behave as my command n doesn’t say no to me.
    A: ok. I will also do the same.
    J: I call them by their name, I use slang language.
    (I was so desperate to get fucked that without knowing I was agreeing to his terms)
    A: ok then don’t call me madam, call me Amruta.
    J: Listen madam. I know what you want n I will give it that to you but I have my conditions.
    A: I am fine with it.
    J: First listen. I will call you by name, I will use filthy language, I can abuse you, you can’t say no to anything. You will behave as I order you.
    A: ok I am ready, you can do whatever you want but please continue.
    J: ok. Then listen amruta, get up n remove you shirt completely and keep it in back seat and stand out of car.
    I immediately got out n open back door opened my shirt completely and kept it on back seat. He too came out of car n stood ahead of me, I was waiting for his next move.
    J: wow you have such a sexy fig bitch, now open my shirt while kissing my body.
    I immediately got near him, kissed on his lips n started removing his shirt button, his body had lot of hairs I kissed his chest n removed all his button while kissing chest, fat belly.
    J: I never imagined you are such a good whore amruta, I thought you are good decent lady.
    A: I am decent lady, just doing this for you.
    J: Shut up you slut n keep doing what I told you. Now go to front of car n bend on the bonnet with your hands spread on bonnet.
    I went to car laid my upper body on bonnet with hands upside, my entire back was just covered by thin bra strip. I decent working lady was lying half naked on bonnet and taking order from a 40+ year’s driver of her cab, this thought was making my pussy wet like anything. My panty was soaked with the juices, he came behind me n slapped hard on my ass.
    J: what a ass you have amruta. You know I wanted to fuck that tight ass from the day I saw you, whenever I used to see you with tight jeans I wanted to slap that ass hard.
    He kept slapping my ass while saying this to me, then he bent down licking my whole back. He was pressing my ass n side of waist, he removed hook of my bra n pulled me up n threw the bra on front glass of car, now I was topless with my short mangalsutra around my neck. As soon as he turned me I locked my lips with his n moved my legs around his legs, we kissed for 10 min like that n he pushed me down. I sat on my knees n opened his pant to my shock his cock was surrounded with thick hairy bush smelling with piss but most shocking was his cut cock was almost 9” in length n 4” thick which makde me crazy like hell. I suddenly took that in my mouth n started sucking it, though his size was choking me but I was beyond my control due to lust. I kept sucking his dirty prick, he pulled me up n removed my jeans n panty threw everything on front glass, picked me up n put on the bonnet, I spread my legs to welcome his cock, he too pushed his dick in me. It was hurting me as I never took this big in my life I cried
    A: please pull it back its hurtinggggggggg
    J: shut up you whore, you deserve to be fucked like this in open air.
    He kept pushing inside, I had tears in my eyes. But without caring he started pumping me holding my boobs, within sometime my pain subdued n I started enjoying
    A: aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuccccccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hardddddddddd
    J: yes you bitch shout like that aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    He fucked me for while like that n again turned me around, cold bonnet was touching my hot boobs and he pushed again from behind n kept stroking like no tomorrow. I was moaning with pleasure, he took my both hands n locked them with his one hand on my back, now my body n face was on bonnet n he was ramming me from behind like riding a horse. I came atleast 4 time in a while, he kept fucking me for 20 min in that position n was about to cum he asked me to be on my knees n came on my boobs, he asked me to spread cum on my boob n don’t clean it. I obeyed him then he pulled me up n we kissed like lovers. It was almost 4.30 am, we got dressed up n he dropped me at home. I was so satisfied that I slept peacefully after many days.

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  • Sex With beggar girl

    Hello every body. I am going to tell you my own true story. First of all I will tell you about my self. My name is “HOME-ALONE” obviously not a real name. My age is 22. I am a student of computers. I live in India with my Father and Mother. Usually I come from college at 4 p:m. Sometimes my father and mother goes outside the home for shopping and I became alone at the home.
    It was also one of the evenings when mom and papa went outside the home to meet their relatives lived in different city. I was alone in home and watching the sexy pictures of girls on the computer. I had got a large collection of pics. All the pictures were of the naked girls with beautiful styles. I did not like the pictures of fucking and sucking. I was seeing the pictures and my dick was in my hand. At that time I had never fucked any girl and I was virgin. While I was seeing the pictures of the nude girls with my dick in my hand I listened the sound of the bell. I dressed up and went to the door to see who was outside. When I went outside I saw that a young girl was begging and she asked me to help her. I asked her to come inside the home and she did so. I had not thought negative about her. I took her to my room and asked her to sit on the chair. I asked her name. She told that her name is Kiran. I questioned her that why she beg in such age. She told that she belonged to a poor family. Her father had died due to poor health and they were so poor that could not admit her father in the hospital. She was the only daughter of her parents and she had no brother and now she lives alone with her mother. Her mother is also of poor health.She told me that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. So I went to the kitchen to bring something. I took bread and gave her to eat. When I had gone outside I had left my computer on. When I brought the bread for Kiran she was looking at the computer. There was a sexy screen saver running on the computer.

    I felt very ashamed and quickly turned off the computer. I had never thought that the screen saver would run at such a moment. Kiran asked me about the things that were running on the computer. I was answer less and remained quite. She asked me that she wanted to see the thing that was happened on the computer. I was totally surprised on her request. I asked her that what she was saying. She again asked me that she wanted to see the things that were on the computer. I turned on the computer and showed her the sexy screen saver. She asked me that had I ever fucked any girl or boy. I told her that I was a virgin. She asked me that how was it if you lose your virginity. I was totally shocked I had never thought that such a beautiful girl would offer me to do so. She asked me to show her something on the computer.
    Fortunately I had got a XXX CD so I put that CD in the CD-ROM and played the movie. When the movie started my dick also started to stand up. When the movie was running Kiran also started to get warm. She put her hand on my shirt and opened my buttons. I also started to unbutton her qamize. She put my pent down. When I had unbuttoned her qamize I took it off and tried to unhook her bra but as I had no previous experience of doing such a thing so I was unable to unhook her bra. She helped me to unhook the bra. I was amazed on the next moment when I saw her boobs. They were not too big and not small, they were of perfect shape and size. I had never seen such boobs in films or pictures. I started to suck them, as I was unable to control myself. She started to take my dick in her mouth. I had been used to hand practice. I had never felt such a good sensation in my whole life. I was enjoying the beautiful moments. The moments when you had seen first time a naked girl in front of you. I was about to cum when she was taking my dick in and out in her mouth. I told her that I was cumming but she didn’t care and I cummed in her mouth. She had drunk all of the sperms and taken them all in her stomach. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the moments. After some time I started to lick her cunt. She was coming warmer and warmer. She was moaning with delight. Her cunt was wet and hot.

    My dick started to get up again. Kiran had come to extremes of her delight and she started to cum. She was moaning louder and louder with pleasure. Meanwhile the home bell rang. I was afraid that my mom and papa had come. I asked Kiran to get under the bed. She got under the bed. I turned the computer off. Quickly washed my sperms and her fluid and went outside to open the door. My heart was beating and color of my face had gone. I opened the door and mom and papa went inside the home. Mom asked me that what was wrong and I told her that it was all right. I was thinking that if mom would see Kiran she would kill me. When mom entered the home she went to my room. Now I was very terrified and my heart was going to come out of my body. When she saw the utensils in my room she asked me that who had come in my room. I told her that I was hungry and took the bread in my room. She went to her room and I thanked God that she had not seen Kiran. But the trouble had not gone yet my father came into my room and turned on the computer. He usually played Free Cell on the computer.
    When he started the game I knew that he would not went before two or three hours. My heart was beating. I thought that I Kiran would come out what would happen. Papa played the game for three hours and it was dark outside. When he went out of my room I locked the door and asked Kiran to come out. She came out of the bed. Her color had gone. I asked her that she could go to her home and I could drop her but I was amazed on her answer. She asked that it was too late and her house was far away so she could not go to her house. I asked her that then where would she stay the night if she would not went to house. She became quite. The telephone bell rang. I asked Kiran to get under the bed and she did so. I locked my room and gone to listen the phone. It was my uncle’s phone. He told me to call my father so I called my father and he listened the phone while he was listening the phone his face was changing expressions. Papa told me that my cousin had been injured in a road accident and they (mom and papa) had to go hospital and it was also possible that they would remain in the hospital for the night. Mom and papa went to the hospital. I went to my room and asked Kiran to come outside she asked me that what had happened and I told her the whole story. I took her to the TV cabinet and turned on the TV. I asked her to watch the TV and I went to the market to bring a XXX movie. The market was near to my home and I took the movie. She was watching the channel. I put the movie in the CD-ROM of my computer and the movie started.
    We sat on the bed. I took her clothes off and she took my clothes off. We were totally naked. The movie was very sexy. The scenes of the film were very sexy. After watching movie for about fifteen minutes we started kissing. I kissed on her mouth when our lips met, I was feeling myself in another world, the world of wonder and delight. She gave me so much pleasure that it could not be explained on the page. We kissed each other for five minutes I was very hot. I sucked her boobs, the beautiful boobs. The boobs that were never seen and about which I had never listened. They were so firm and nicely shaped that I sucked them for a long time meanwhile she was rubbing her hands on my thighs. We came into a 69 position and I licked her cunt and she took my dick in her mouth. I was feeling very nice. She started to moan. I changed the position and sat on her stomach. My dick was wet due to her spittle I put my dick in her beautiful boobs. It was so nice that I could not explain in the words. I started to fuck her boobs after a minute I began to cum on her boobs.

    We again started to watch the movie. After half an hour on a beautiful scene Kiran took my dick in her mouth. It again started to standup. She sucked it for two minutes. I was rubbing her beautiful boobs. I wanted to put my dick in her cunt. I told her that I wanted to put dick in her cunt. My dick was wet due to her spittle and her cunt was wet because she was so warm. I put the head of my dick in her cunt. My dick was 8 inches long and it was also large in the diameter. When the head of my dick went into Kiran, she started to moan. I was thinking that she is moaning due to pain. I asked her that was she feeling pain but she told me to put the whole dick in her cunt. So slowly I put my dick in her cunt. Kiran was moaning with joy. Whole of my dick was inside her cunt. I had never got such a pleasure in my whole life. For two minutes I remained my dick inside her cunt without any movement. After two minutes I started to move my dick. It was my first sexual intercourse and I was feeling very nice. I started to take the jerks politely. Kiran started to moan but that time I knew that she was moaning with pleasure. I had already cum two times. So my sperms were not going to come early. I fucked her until she started to flow meantime I also told her that I was cumming. She told me to cum inside her so I cum inside her. While cumming I was so exited that I closed my eyes with my dick inside her. She had also got the same situation. We were sleeping after a while in the same position. When my eyes opened I looked at the watch it was 6:30 am. Kiran was sleeping with me. I saw her beautiful face and kissed her on the lips and then I sucked her beautiful boobs.

    She was sleeping without any fears. My dick again started to get up. I kissed her on her mouth. She woke up and saw at me. She told me to fuck her for the last time. First we got in a 69 position. I licked her cunt and she sucked my dick. When I changed the position and started to give her my dick in her cunt, she stopped me. I was surprised that why she had stopped me to do so. She asked me to fuck her in her ass hole. I took a lotion and wet my dick.

     put some of the lotion on her ass hole. I slowly pressed my dick inside her. The cock went inside her and she started moaning. I put whole of my dick in her ass hole slowly. When the whole of my dick went inside her I started to give small jerks. I was feeling very good. Her ass hole was tight and I was feeling pressure on my dick. But the pressure was not giving me pain. It was giving me beautiful pleasure. After about 5 minutes I cum inside her. I was so tired that I went to sleep in the same position. When my eyes opened I looked at the clock. It was 8 a:m and I was afraid that if mom and father come. I set the cabinet and the room and cleaned it with the help of Kiran.
    I asked her that I should leave her to her home but she denied. When she was going out of my home I gave her 1000 rupees and thanked her for giving me so much pleasure.

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  • cheating wife with friend sex story

    Let me describe first of all myself first, my name is Sabitri. I am a married woman of 36 years but have a nice body shape. No one can say at first glance that I am 36 years because I have got very nice and attractive features and a figure from heaven. I am tall. My height is more than 5' 6'' with a slim body as I take very good care of my body. I have a great, praiseworthy, and an attractive figure. My waist is still 34'' while my breasts and hips are 36'' though I am a mother of three children and my first child is nearly 14 years old. And all of them have my complexion which is white reddish. My lips are thin with small-mouthed and my eyes are wide big black colored and have long black hairs.
    I am living with my family and my husband very happily. I think my husband loves me that very rare husband love their wives. My marital life was nice.

    Since we are not newly married, we don’t have a continuous sexual relationship but we follow a routine twice or thrice a month. May be this is enough for other woman but I don't think why I think that this is not enough for me, but I have never thought about it seriously. I loved my husband and this is fact that I had only given myself to my husband but as I got older I sometimes wondered what another man would be like. I had no thoughts of finding out but it was interesting to think about it.

    My husband has a friend named Rajiv from his childhood who living near our house. We have very good relation between the two families of us. We use to go each other houses without any hesitation on every occasion. Rajiv's wife Dipika didi and I have very good friendship as our hubbies had. Rajiv is very nice and well-mannered man. He keeps track of all our small needs. He has a very charming personality. I must admit that he was very attractive. But I never think about him in this point of view, I mean sex with him not that he has shown me that he sees me in that point. We ever meet like a sister and brother. Although we have met so many time in solitude. My husband had never objected whenever I met him nor he objected met his wife with my husband. We were like one family and we don't care that we have no blood relation

    Once it was noon and my husband was out of station while children were sleeping and I have nothing to do so I went to Rajiv home to meet his wife as usual we meet once or twice in a week. When I entered the home Rajiv's wife Dipika di was not at neither home nor the kids were there. I called so many times to Dipika di but there was not any response. I kept wondering what the problem was and why nobody’s responding me. I stood there for a while and after few seconds Rajiv shouted from the bathroom that he is coming out. “Bhabi please wait a minute for me. And after few minutes he came out from the bathroom. His hair was wet as he recently took the bath. He became very pleased to see me and asked me to sit. I asked from Rajiv that where is Dipika di, I mean bhabi and kids. He told me that they have left just an hour for her native city as her mother is ill and that she called her in hurry so she couldn't meet you. He asked me for some drink and tea. I laughed and said that now you will make tea for me? Then he told me ok if you don't want to make it by me then you should made it, as I need it. So I went to the kitchen and that was not unknown place for me. I don't know but I was too nervous today to feeling alone with him, as it was not the first time alone with him for me. When I was fumbled around in the kitchen I was thinking about an excuse to leave, but couldn't. So I prepared the tea both for us. He was in lounge when I brought the tea and I sat with him in one sofa and put the try on the table near the sofa. We started talking and I inquired that why he is at home at this time, he said that he was not feeling well. I asked him about his sickness but he didn't tell anything. I offered her to take her to doctor but he refused and said that he has already taking medicine. We were talking on every topic. He was looking me today very strange and I was thinking that what is the new and soon I realized that there is something new. I felt some new thing and it could lust in his eyes.

    He started talking about my cloth and said that I wore very nice cloths today and that it looking so nice and gives extra charming to my personality which has already extra grace full. I was wearing the red color salwar kameez as I usually wear. I felt shy for a while and then said thanks to him. Then he said how my husband is lucky that he has found so nice, beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy wife. I found myself once again in an embarrassing position and told him "Rajiv ji what are you talking today, you have never talked like this before." Then he said you mean that I should have talked it before. No I don't mean like this but I consider you as my brother, and Mr. Rajiv you have so nice and beautiful wife. "But not like you"-he replied. Then he turned his conversation towards his martial life and told me that his martial life is not so satisfied and that his wife doesn't care about his desires. I was surprised that how Rajiv is talking today? He proceed his conversation and told me that he wants to talked with me on this topic from long but he had not get chance for it.
    I was now fully confused and want to leave. So said him that I should go now as the children were expected to awake but he request me not to leave him alone and I stayed there I don't know why? He started state away about his sexual life and I started to feel nervous as Rajiv was talking about sex and I was feeling lightheaded. I felt for the first time that something might happen that noon. Suddenly he moved near to me as we seated on one sofa, and I became astonished when he grabbed me from my waist and put his mouth on mine. My whole body tensed as Rajiv warm lips touched mine. I followed my marital life and was going to get out of there. As I started to turn around, Rajiv grabbed me in a powerful embrace. I was trying to escape from his grip but truly not from my heart. His body was tight against mine and I couldn't help but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest. He was kissing my lips passionately and his hands were on my breast rubbing them gently. I was really in double minded at that time, that what should I do? I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time I knew it was wrong. At first I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible and Rajiv's warm love was not more ignore able for me, As Rajiv lips were pressed tight against mine, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within.....

    Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I responded him unintentionally. Then he parted his lips and wanted to slide his tongue against my mouth. First I resisted but then I parted my lips and allowed his tongue deep inside me. His warm tongue slowly entered my mouth. We were motionless. He warmly licked my mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. I didn't kissing back but I was not stopping him either. He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control. I always liked Rajiv, and maybe there was this passion. I was feeling nice so I raised my tongue. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body. I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other and I forgot all about my husband or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. . Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips and started to lick my neck forehead nose and neck. I was too excited at this time but I muttered to him that we are married and shouldn't do this. But he was not hearing me. I wanted to stop him but couldn't, and he re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. After some time he again made his way down my neck. I again told Rajiv to stop. Rajiv magically licked my neck and ears, and the warmth of his mouth on my erogenous zone did not allow me to notice his hands on my breast this time. His hands were now on my impressively inviting breast and he was rubbing and massaging them. Now this was out of my control.

    I again tried to pull myself from this carnal spell but by this time he had moved his hand in my neck as it was too low cut, I asked him once again that Mr. Rajiv this is sufficient, and we should stop it. He was very expert and well known about the woman psychology. Within flash he released me from my kameez and left only in my bra. He unhooked it releasing my tight tits. My ripe breasts were beautiful and inviting. He knelt down and took one of my erected nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, and was sucking my tits like they were his lifeline, which was sending me into a sexual confusion my body was so filled with passion that I became weak. Rajiv lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. Rajiv licked my tits up and down. He laid me on couch. I felt like this was a chance to stop this erotic heat. I laid there half naked wanting him on me. I thought about how I secretly wanted another man at least once in my life. I wanted him now really, as I probably couldn't have found my husband as hot as Rajiv. He was now trying to take my salwar off. I whispered once again not to do like this. But I was wondering how it would feel to have another man taste my love and that thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. He took off my salwar which slid from my legs. As Rajiv took off my salwar, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. He leaned and put his mouth on my pussy lips and kissed, licked it.

     could not believe I was letting Rajiv to suck my pussy. I was powerless to stop his oral attack, I again whispered out in a frantic but orgasmic way that I couldn't do this I am married. He told me married can do this very easily, don't worry you will feel well. But I will never forgive myself for this entire my life. I replied. How can you say your husband so loyal to you? Doesn't he go to other women?. He said to me. But I don't care what he does but I couldn't. Without reply me he took my swollen cunt lips against his mouth and let his tongue in to probe. Rajiv sucked and licked inside of me. Rajiv licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. It was too incredible, and pleasurable, which I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life. Now it was not in my control and my tight little cunt and whole body was burning and I grabbed Rajiv head and was burying his face into my wet cave and I started moaning and bucking wildly. Rajiv was licking my clit as I moaned like an animal. Sweat was pouring from my body as I was yearning to be entered. Would I let another man's rock hard cock enter my cunt where I have never imagined letting any other man cock? But Rajiv was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. Rajiv was relentless and experienced, as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He was really aroused me and I felt his cock in my cunt madly. I felt nervous excitement as I knew exactly where this was leading and I realized I was losing the battle.......

    After a long time, Rajiv whispered that he desired that I should take his cock my innocent married mouth. First I refused that I have never done it, and that I don't know how one can take this in one mouth. But he insisted very. As the passion filled my body to the point of thrusting, explosion I argued within myself. If I were to suck Rajiv's cock I might be able to quench my thirst and satisfy this stud without allowing him to put his cock into my cunt as I wanted still to stay true to my husband. I wanted him to be the only man who I tasted. Rajiv was fully erected and he had the biggest dick I could ever imagine. It was a good eight inches long and thick twice then my husband. After some argument, I leaned in and put my mouth on his cock. I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. The swollen head of this prick needed more space. I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. Rajiv moaned in delight as I was fulfilling his desire. I bobbed my head back and forth trying to mouth fuck this man. I hadn't had much experience in this area. As I continued to slide his huge cock in and out of my mouth Rajiv continued to tell me to suck his dick. I was sucking his dick which was now so excited and pleasurable experience for me and my hand went to my cunt which stuck up my cunt. It was gushing with juice and was begging for more. I knew now the obvious, I was going to get fucked by Rajiv it was really totally a new experience for me, as I have never sucked my husband’s cock as he never asked for it.

    My husband had not given me what Rajiv is giving me now, and if my husband were here I would tell him this is real sex. I needed to be fucked now and Rajiv sensed my urgency and pulled his monstrous crank from my mouth. He had really the big one, twice than in thickens and long from my unaware husband. Who never think that his loyal wife will suck his best friend cock, and she was going to take his fiend dick in her lovely pot. The thought of this huge cock inside of me sent my body into a shiver. But I my inner core was begging for his dick to ram me. By this time I couldn't control the passion.

    And I fell back and eagerly spread my legs. He was rubbing his over powering cock against my pussy lips. I knew what he was doing. He was not giving it to me unless I begged. He was rubbing it to my clitoris and I had a fire inside my cunt that only a long, hard cock could extinguish. He knew that well. So I started to beg and cry for his cock. I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole saying stop it and insert this in me. I was so swollen and wet. So Rajiv had very easily his cock head inserted in my cunt as it was too wet but due to his bigger cock I felt little pain. Aaaaa aahhhh! ..big and loud noises poured out of my lips but as no one was at home, it was safe. Rajiv then grabbed my legs and held them up as he slid his dick further in my cunt. He had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. He had really big cock, which made my pussy hole resized more my husband's custom fit hole. I was screaming with ecstasy as Rajiv vibrating eight inches cock easily deeper into my love hole. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into Rajiv's hips. As he pumping all of his 8 inches rock hard into my cunt hole. He was slowly pulling his dick back and forth. He was fucking me in very sophisticated manner, which I appreciated very much, and I wanted him to fuck me in this way forever

    Rajiv was giving me what I was mercifully begging for. He was fucking me strongly, and I was feeling his hard rock cock in my depth of my cunt flesh. I also start having pleasure and started jumping under him to accompany his moves. His testis starts making noises with every hit to my buttocks. I was not in this world but I felt I was going in and out of conscience as he fucked me. I was numb to the world as I was being fucked like a wild animal. Rajiv opened my cunt with his rock solid wide eight-inch cock. He pumped me fast and hard. Rajiv fucked for a long time and was now looking tired, so he could not control my legs anymore. As we were doing all this in the couch so my feet were planted on the ground and I was bucking like a bronco. Rajiv was ripping me in half with his huge package and couldn't get enough. I was now in full control of him so he asked me to ride on him now. And this was the last desire of mine that I want ride on him. He pulled out his cock from my pussy and lay on his back, and I climbed on top of him. By now my shyness and loyalty to my husband was gone. I caught his 8'' cock in my hand and guided it on my pussy hole. My proud pussy took in his eight-inch pole in one stroke. His long cock went in my pussy like a fish in water cave as I needed it so bad. I bounced and bucked so hard, I thought this thick prick was going to tear me in half. I was jumping on him; I took him in even farther than when he was on top on me. I couldn't keep up anymore, the massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. Rajiv put his hands on my butt and started to pull me down deep onto his dick. That was very nice and I was crying for deep and hard fuck from Rajiv. My breasts were jumping up and down which he caught by his hand and squeezed them.

    That was my thrust for fuck as I have been not fuck like this from long, and I was wonder how a conservative woman like me begged to be fucked like this. I needed to get fucked and begged Rajiv to finish me off. Then he asked me to turn I wonder that what he want but without any question I turned and he came just behind me and put his dick in my wet pussy he inserted his cock in my pussy from my ass side. Now he was fucking me from behind with his full power and I was bearing his all-powerful stroke very happily as he was really giving me the nicest pleasure of my life. And I gave him all I had. Now we both were too exhausted and I asked him to finish it. And he increased his rhythm of stroking. After few minutes he and I both came together. He filled my pussy with his heavy load, while this was my third cum. I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me, we lay there for a while and were kissing each other. This time I was kissing him with lot of love, because he gave me lot of pleasure, the pleasure that my husband had nerved give me in my whole martial life. We talked and I said him compiled an innocent married women, beg you to fuck. He laughed and said your fucking was my dream from the beginning. But you have never showed it to me. I replied. He said I know that you were not that type of woman who can do this so easily. After some I asked him to leave now and He helped me dress for, as I was hardly able to move due to hard fuck.

    When I was leaving him he hugged me tight and kissed me, he asked me that when we meet next. I said to him that I can’t promise anything right now but if I get any chance I will definitely inform you. He started insisting me for more after that encounter of ours. It was hard for me to say no again and again to him all the time. So whenever I get any chance I call him and allow him to make love to me. I never take risks. I call him only when I fill its really safe. I never ignored my husbands or my children’s needs till now. I know I will never do that in future too. Yes I cheat my husband sometimes but this occasional cheating and hot sex with Rajiv helps me to stay happy and fulfilled. You won’t believe that after I started fooling my husband, I have started to love him more intensely. Now I can’t tolerate a simplest problem of my innocent husband and became very attentive to him. I try to fulfill my innocent husbands every needs. I must admit that he also started responding very well to my changed behavior. Now I can openly say that he is madly in love with me also.



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  • आंटी की तन्हाई चूत चोदन से मिटाई

    मेरे दोस्तो, मेरा नाम विजय है. मैं एक प्राइवेट कंपनी में जॉब करता हूँ. मैं अब तक अनमैरिड हूँ. मैं गुडगांव में रहता हूं.

    यह कहानी अभी कुछ दिनों पहले की है. एक बार में मोटोरोला के सर्विस सेंटर गया था. मैं एमजी रोड मेट्रो स्टेशन पर पहुंचा और वहां से मैं सर्विस सेंटर पर चला गया. मैंने अपना फोन सबमिट किया और मैं इंतजार कर रहा था. कुछ देर इंतजार करने के बाद मेरे पास में वेटिंग लाइन में एक 40 वर्ष की महिला आ कर बैठ गई. वह भी फोन को सबमिट कर उसको वापस पाने का इंतजार कर रही थी.

    उसी बीच एक कर्मचारी हमारे पास आया और वो मेरे पास आकर बोला- आपका फोन 3 घंटे बाद मिल जाएगा.
    उसकी बात सुनकर वो महिला भी उससे पूछने लगी- और मेरा फोन कितनी देर में मिलेगा?
    उस कर्मचारी ने उस महिला के फोन के लिए देखा और कहा आपका फोन भी तीन घंटे में ही मिल पाएगा.

    मैं तो उस कर्मचारी की बात सुन कर शांत बैठ गया, पर वह महिला बोली कि मैं 3 घंटे तक क्या करूंगी?
    वो आदमी उससे कुछ नहीं बोला और वापस चला गया. पर वो औरत भुनभुनाने लगी.

    इसी बीच मैंने अपना दूसरा फोन जेब से निकाला और आसपास के बीयर बार की लोकेशन देखने लगा. तो उस महिला ने मेरे फोन में ये देख लिया.
    वो मुझसे बोली- क्या तुम आस-पास के किसी बीयर बार का बता सकते हो?
    मैंने तो सर्च किया ही था. उधर से कुछ ही दूरी पर एक बियर बार था. मैंने उसको उस बार की लोकेशन बताई.

    उसके बाद उसने कहा- तुम बार की लोकेशन ही सर्च कर रहे थे न? तुम्हें भी बीयर बार जाना है क्या?
    मैंने कहा- हां इधर बैठ कर क्या करूंगा. मुझे भी वहीं जाना था, इधर 3 घंटे तक बैठने से अच्छा है कि उधर बैठ कर संडे एन्जॉय करूं.
    तो वह हंस कर बोली- हां यही मेरा विचार है. चलो तुम मेरी कार में चलो. हम दोनों ही चलते हैं.

    मेरे काफी मना करने के बाद भी वह नहीं मानी और मुझे जबरन हाथ पकड़ कर अपने साथ ले गई.

    हम दोनों वहां पहुंचे, तब तक वो मुझसे काफी बात कर चुकी थी. बार के अन्दर पहुंच कर उस आंटी ने एक वेटर को बुलाया और खुद के लिए बियर आर्डर की. आंटी ने मुझसे पूछा, तो मैंने भी बियर का आर्डर दे दिया.

    ये बियर के ब्रांड काफी तेज अल्कोहल वाले थे. बियर पीते पीते वो अपने बारे में बताने लगी. उसने बताया कि उसके हस्बैंड दुबई में बिजनेसमैन है और वह गुडगांव में फ्लैट लेकर अकेली रहती है.

    मैं उसकी हरकतों को देखता हुआ बियर के नशे का मजा ले रहा था. वो एक बड़े गहरे गले का टॉप पहने हुए थी जिसमें से उसकी दूध घाटी मेरे लंड को खड़ा किए जा रही थी. वो भी मेरी निगाहों को अपने मम्मों पर पाकर खुद झुक झुक कर अपनी फिल्म दिखा रही थी.

    फिर कुछ देर बाद उसने मुझसे मेरे बारे में पूछा, तो मैंने बताया- मैं गुडगांव में रूम लेकर रहता हूँ और जॉब करता हूँ.

    उसके साथ बातें करते करते 3 घंटे कब बीत गए, पता ही नहीं चला. हम दोनों ने दो दो बियर हलक के नीचे उतार ली थीं. बियर का नशा हम दोनों को मस्त कर रहा था. खैर वो भी पियक्कड़ थी इसलिए उसके लिए बियर पीकर कार चलाना कोई नई बात नहीं थी. हम दोनों कार से वापस सर्विस सेन्टर गए, वहां जा कर अपना अपना मोबाइल लिया.

    फिर मैंने आंटी से कहा- ओके अब मैं चलता हूँ.
    मैं जाने लगा, तो आंटी ने मुझे रोका और बोली- कल वैसे भी संडे है, तुम्हें ऑफिस तो जाना नहीं है, तो आज डिनर के लिए मेरे साथ चलो. फिर तुम डिनर करके चले जाना.

    उसका साथ मुझे भी अच्छा लग रहा था. तीन घंटों में हम दोनों काफी हद तक एक दूसरे से खुल चुके थे. वो भी मुझे एन्जॉय के मूड में दिखी. मैंने भी सोचा कि चलो इस समय फ्री तो हूँ ही. देखता हूँ कि आंटी क्या और किस हद तक मजा दे सकती है.
    मैं उसके साथ जाने को रेडी हो गया. उसने नीचे आकर अपनी कार स्टार्ट की. मैं उसके साथ बैठ गया.

    रास्ते से उसने एक शराब की दुकान पर गाड़ी रोकी और मुझे दो हजार का नोट देकर वाइन की बोतल ले आने के लिए कहा. मैंने पैसे के लिए मना किया और मैं उसकी पसंद की वाइन ले आया. पास ही सिगरेट की दुकान से मैंने गोल्डफ्लेक सिगरेट का पैकेट ले लिया.

    वापस कार में आकर बैठा, तो आंटी ने कार स्टार्ट की और कुछ ही देर में हम दोनों उनके फ्लैट पे पहुंच गए.
    आंटी का फ्लैट काफी सुंदर था. फ्लैट के इंटीरियर पर काफी ध्यान दिया गया था, ये काफी कीमती था. वो आंटी काफी पैसे वाली लग रही थी.

    हम दोनों अन्दर आ गए थे. मैंने उससे वाशरूम का पूछा, तो वो मुझे लेके गयी. मैं वाशरूम में जाके हल्का होके बाहर निकला तो देखा कि आंटी ने नाइटी पहनी हुई थी. आंटी बोली कि बड़ी जल्दी आ गए. मैं तुम्हारे लिए ये ट्राउजर और टीशर्ट लेकर आई थी. वापस जाकर बाथ ले लो, फिर तसल्ली से डिनर का मजा लेते हैं.
    मुझे भी कुछ यूं ही लग रहा था कि नहा लिया जाए. मैं कपड़े लेकर वापस बाथरूम में घुस गया और कुछ ही मिनट में शावर लेकर नहा कर बाहर आ गया.

    अब मैं आंटी की ड्रेस पर ध्यान दिया तो उसकी नाईटी तो एकदम ट्रांसपैरेंट थी. नाईटी के अन्दर उसने इरोटिक ब्रा और पैंटी पहनी हुई थी.
    मुझे देख कर वो सोफे पर बैठ कर सेंटर टेबल पर वाइन के पैग बनाने लगी. मैंने सिगरेट जलाई तो उसने एक खुद के लिए भी जलाने के लिए कहा. मैंने उसके आगे सिगरेट की डिब्बी बढ़ा दी. लेकिन उसने मेरे हाथ की सिगरेट ले ली और मुझे दूसरी सिगरेट जलाने की कह दी.

    मैंने दूसरी सिगरेट जला ली और उसके साथ वाइन पीने बैठ गया.

    हमने काफी बातें की और दो दो पैग वाइन पी. फिर वाइन खत्म होने के बाद उसने डाइनिंग टेबल पर आ कर पहले से आर्डर से मंगाया हुआ खाना सर्व किया.

    खाना खाने के बाद मैंने एक सिगरेट जलाई और उससे जाने का कहा.
    उसने मेरी जांघ पर हाथ मारते हुए कहा- इतनी भी क्या जल्दी है यार.. बैठ कर बात करते हैं न.

    हम दोनों उसके बैडरूम में गए. वहां जा कर वो मुझसे बात करने लगी.
    आंटी ने सिगरेट का कश लेते हुए बताया कि उसके हंसबेंड 2 साल में एक बार घर आते हैं, वो भी सिर्फ 7 दिन के लिए आते हैं.

    वो ये सब बताते हुए थोड़ी सेंटीमेंटल हो गयी थी. वो मुझसे चिपक सी रही थी. मैं उसे सांत्वना दे रहा था. उसके आंसू आने लगे थे.
    मैंने आंटी के आंसू पौंछे और कहा- आप टेंशन नहीं लो, जब भी अकेलापन लगे, तो मुझे याद कर लिया करो.
    तो उसने मेरी इस बात पर मुझे हग कर लिया और कहा- क्या तुम मेरी एक जरूरत पूरी कर सकते हो?

    मेरा तो लंड खड़ा ही हो गया था और मुझे आंटी को चोदने की पड़ रही थी. इस वक्त वो मुझे एक माल सी लग रही थी लेकिन मैं अब भी संयम रखे हुए था कि शुरुआत आंटी की तरफ से होगी, तब ही इसके साथ सेक्स की सोचूंगा. मैंने आंटी से पूछा- कैसी इच्छा?
    उसने कहा- क्या तुम मेरी शरीर की जरूरत पूरी कर सकते हो?

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    इसके बाद में उसने अपनी नाइटी हटा दी और वो सिर्फ ब्रा पैंटी में आ गई. उसने मुझे हाथ से पकड़ा और उठने का इशारा किया. मैं यंत्रवत उसके साथ उठ गया. उसने मुझे बेड पे लेटा दिया.

    वो नीचे से मेरी टांगों की तरफ आई और उसने मेरी जीन्स का बटन खोल कर जीन्स ओर अंडरवियरएक साथ नीचे कर दी. मैं पूरा नंगा हो गया था. मेरे खड़े लंड को देख कर वो एकदम से मचल गई और मेरी टांगों की तरफ से बेड पर आकर मेरे लंड को आंटी ने अपने मुँह में भर लिया. आंटी लंड चूसने लगी.
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    कुछ मिनट लंड चुसाई करने के बाद उसने अपनी ब्रा पैंटी भी उतार दी और मेरे सीने के दोनों तरफ अपनी दोनों टांगें डाल कर अपना एक निप्पल मेरे मुँह में डाल दिया. मैं आंटी के निप्पल को चूसने लगा और दूसरे चूचे को अपने हाथों से दबाने लगा. वो अब तक मेरे ऊपर लेट गई थी, जिससे मेरा लंड उसकी चूत से लग गया था.

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    इसी बीच वो एकदम से अकड़ कर झड़ गयी थी, पर मैं अब तक नहीं झड़ पाया था. मैंने लंड बाहर निकाला और आंटी ने मेर लंड को चूस कर खुद को दुबारा तैयार किया.

    अब आंटी डॉगी स्टाइल में आ गयी. मैंने पीछे से उनकी चूत में लंड डाल दिया और काफी देर चोदने के बाद खुद को चरम पर आता हुआ महसूस किया तो मैंने आंटी से कहा- मेरा निकलने वाला है.
    आंटी ने कहा- अपना रस मेरे बूब्स पर निकाल दो.
    वो लेट गयी और मैं उसके ऊपर आ गया. वो मेरे लंड को अपनी मुठ्ठी में लेकर हिलाने लगी. थोड़ी देर लंड हिलाने के बाद मेरा सारा माल उसके मम्मों पे आ गया. उसने खुद को साफ किया और मेरे लंड को साफ किया.

    इसके बाद एक दौर वाइन का फिर से चला और हम दोनों फिर से अभिसार के लिए गरम हो गए. उस रात हमने 3 बार चुदाई की, फिर सुबह हमने साथ में बाथ लिया. जाते समय आंटी ने मुझे 5000 रुपये दिए.
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    मैंने उसकी बात मान ली और उससे अलग होकर ओने घर चला गया.

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    Maine kaha maa apne promise kiya tha! Ma ne kaha aone room me jakar chup chap so ja! Mai bhe pagal ho rha tha maine apni mom ka hath pakda or unhe kiss kiya or unke bboobs pe hath rakh ke dabane laga! Mom ne mjhe dhaka diya! Or kaha tum pagal ho gye ho kya! Apni mom ke sath yeh sb kar rhe ho! Dad ko pata lagega toh kya hoga! Yeh sb galat hai!

    Fir maine mom ke boobs ko or dabaya toh mom ne mjhe dhaka diya or mjhe chanta mar diya! Fir mere sare sapne tut gye! Mai apne room me chala gya mom ko bol ke ki aj ke vad apse kbhie nhe bat karunga ! Apne apna promise toda hai! toh fir mai apne room me beth ke dhukh bna rha tha ki ! Gyi chut hathse! Par usi tym meri mom !ayi or unhone mjhe pyaar se smhhaya beta tu kch or gift mang mai tjhe leke dungi but yeh sb mom ke sath karna galat hai u r my son! Maine kaha nhe mjhe toh bas apka yeh badan chahye!

    Mom ne kaha yeh nhe ho skta! Fir maine kaha ap bhe toh har sundya papa ke sath sex karte the na! Maine apko dekha he ap ka bhe zaroor man kar rha hoga! Toh mom ne kaha chup hoja aise bate nhe karte! Maine fir mom ko kaha ap yahan se chale jao toh unhone kaha acha tu mjhe bas ek kiss karle! Maine kaha mai smooch amrna chahta hun toh unhone kaha bas smooch se zyada kch nhe or yeh baat dad ko nhe pta lagni chahye! Maine unhe neck se pakda or smooch marna shuru ki waahhh kya taste a rha tha un gulabhi hontho ka ais alag rha tha amrit chakh liya ho! Fir dhere se maine unke navel pe hath ferna shuru kiya toh wo thdi tdi awaazw nikalana shuru kari fir maine unke boobs par hath lagay a fir unhone kaha nhe bas tumne smooch karne ko kaha tha bas karliya ab so jao,! Par ab mai jag chuka tha!

    Maine apni mom ko pakda or kaha nhe maa ab toh yahan suhagrat banegi bete or maa ki maaa boli tu fir aise bate kar rha h! Maine mom ke navel ko chatna shuru kiya unka pura pet cjat gya woo mana kar rha the par mjhe unki awaaz se laga ki unhe abb maza ana chalu ho rha h! Maine unki black sare utar di! Or wahh us red bra or red panty me meri maaa kya lag rha tha ek dum model! Fir maine unke boobs dabaye bra me r or unki smooch mar rha tha ab mom ne bhr sath dena shuru kar diya tha unki gand par hath mara maine itni soft gand! Maza he agya tga! Fir mainr unki bra utari or unke boobs ko drkh ke pagal he hogya itnr gore or bade boobs nipple.ek dum gulabi!

    Fir maine unhe 25-30min dhang se chusa or meri maa ki awaaze ab or tez hogyi the ! Toh fir bari asal cheez ki maa ki chut maine unki pyaari si net wali panty kholi or seedha chut par hamla kar diya meri maa ki chut pink or clean shaved ! Usko dekh kar chakar he. Arhe the maine use lick kar meri maa ahahahah ahahah beta tu apni maaa ko chdh ke he rahega na! Or chila rhe ahahahahahhahah fuck me son! Hard ohh! Ahahahah !

    Fir wo uthi unhe mjhe kiss kar or mera lund hath me liya or kaha waha dad se bada karliya he tune apna! Fir unhone mera lund chusa kya mzaa a rha tha! Meri maa mera loda chuz rhe the ! Wo puri nangi the itom bomb lag rha the maine wo power ki goli toh kha he raki the toh mom ne mere lund pe condom chaday or kaha aja beta is chut ki pyaaz bhujade ab!Mai maa ke upar cahdh gya or mom ne apne hathse mera lund chut me dala or mai fir upar neche hone laga maa ki awaaze ane lagi ahhaaaaaahh ohhhhhh ahhhhha fuckme harder fir mai tez hua! Bahut tez ! Mom ahahahahahah ahhahaha tu toh bahut bada ho gya hai! Apni am ko he chodh rha he aj! Maine kaha ap abhe lund enjoy akro mommy!

    Fir kch der bad maine lund nikala or apni mummy ko lhada kar ke unki gand me lund dala unki gand ko touch akrke itna maza a rha tha or jaise he lund ghusa wo toh pagal he hogyi kyuki ajj se pehle dad ne bhe mom ki gand nhe mari the unka first tym tha toh woo cheekg rhee the ahaaahaaa haa ohhhhh or dal bets or dala bahut maza a rha he aj apni maa ke maze le le! Maine bahut choda maa ko fir akhri me unke chuche fir se chuse or unhone mera lund apne boobss ke beech me rakha or muth mari or akhir kar unke boobs par mera chadh gya or meri tamana puri hie!

    Fir hum so gye! Agle din mai utha mummy naha ke jean or top me bahut fadh lag rhe the unhone mjhe kaha ttune le lita na spna gift apni mom ko chod ke maine kaha thank u mom! Maa ne kaha thank u abb har 2 din bad mjhe tmhara he lund chahye!

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